Famous Native American Leaders

by Floyd Red Crow Westerman

These famous Native American leaders, all mainstays in American history, had a special resonance
for Red Crow and first nations people for their inspiration and unparalleled leadership.

“These men were great leaders, fighting against all odds.
They defended their freedom, their people and their land against invaders
from all over the world... in the end, each one was assassinated.”
— Floyd Red Crow Westerman.

Sculpture of Sitting Bull - by Floyd Red Crow Westerman Click Image to see Enlargements

Sitting Bull: Known perhaps as the greatest Indian leader -- chased by the U. S. Army, he tried to lead his Dakota Sioux people into Canada, but was refused entry. Sitting Bull also led the famous defense of "Little Bighorn", when General Custer launched yet another attack on their encampment, although quite unsuccessfully.

DIMENSIONS: 19"(h) / 10"(w) / 9"(d)

Sculpture of Chief Joseph - by Floyd Red Crow Westerman Click Image to see Enlargements

Chief Joseph: Forced to surrender after a long,relentless pursuit by U.S. troops, Chief Joseph vowed, "From where the Sun sets today, I will fight no more forever".

DIMENSIONS: 20.5"(h) / 10"(w) / 9"(d)

Sculpture of Geronimo - by Floyd Red Crow Westerman Click Image to see Enlargements

Geronimo: The last defender of the Southwest Indian nation. He led the Apaches against encroachment by U.S. forces in the Arizona territory for two years before finally surrendering in 1886 in Mexico. He was transported back to the government's St. Augustine, Florida prison where over 35 Indian nations were interned.

DIMENSIONS: 17-1/2"(h) / 10"(w) / 9"(d)

"The Sacred Pipe": A sculpture of an Indian man holding the Sacred Pipe, known to have meaning to Indian nations. Its bowl represents Mother Earth and its stem symbolizes Father Sky. The two sections combine to create life. When a Sacred Pipe is smoked, the tobacco in the bowl represent prayers which, when lit, rise up to the creator. This pipe is particularly sacred to the Lakota/Dakota and other Nations of the Great Plains.

DIMENSIONS: 10-1/2"(h) / 11-1/2"(w) / 7-1/2"(d)

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